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Know Yourself. Build a Strong Mindset.
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Who is behind Self-Mindset?

Hi there!

My name is Phedra.

I’ve created Self-Mindset because I truly believe that, as human beings, we can explore ourselves and once we understand who we really are (our « Self »), we can enhance our capacities, skills, and knowledge to become who we want to be ( build our « Mindset »). Our potential is in our hands.



Two Simple Steps to Book a Free Strategy Call With Me

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Master of Productivity: 3 simple steps to increase your productivity

“I want to thank Phedra for her availability and her advice concerning the organization of my professional project.

I was able, thanks to her, to set up a very powerful strategy in my daily work and to separate my time between my clients and my personal projects. Phedra allowed me to reach a new level in a very short time.

On a personal note, her advice also allowed me to review my priorities and be more aligned with myself. Thank you very much.”

Julien Baron,

Web Entrepreneur and Founder/CEO at COM’ENOX, Digital Marketing, and Communication Agency.

“Simply WOW !! A life-changing coaching approach!!

If you’re looking for personalized coaching to build your life vision, mission!

If you’re looking for a coach, who has the structure, tools, and the straightforward approach to help you break your vision, to a yearly plan, then a monthly and finally a weekly plan.

Phedra is the BEST coach for you.

I’ve been working with her for more than one year now (since November 2017), and my productivity was multiplied by ten since then.

Phedra helped me to build my Vision, my mission with daily support and coaching.

Since I’ve started working with Phedra on November 2017, I have daily personalized coaching and feedback to adjust my action plan to be aligned with my Vision and make sure I’m taking a right 20% actions that will generate 80% of the expected results.”


Anis Malouche,

Entrepreneur/ IT Project Manager



“It’s been many years I’m struggling with my sleeping habits. Waking up late everyday, it’s a big issue when you try to build your own business.

Phedra helped me to reach my goal of waking-up early with concrete actions and everyday motivation. We build a plan and we then kept on following it step by step.

An open-minded coach, really listening to your needs and who do not judge is what I was looking for and Phedra definitely has that attitude. If you need a professional coach that can make a difference in your life. I highly recommand Phedra.”

Aurélien Traube,

Dancer, choreographer and web entrepreneur.

“I approached Phedra with a large goal of completely switching careers to a different industry. 

Phedra helped me set a realistic timeline for my goal and divide it into various timeframes of achievable mini goals to helped me reach my final destination. With these actionable goals Phedra helped me set up a daily schedule with nightly routines that are continuously helping me stay on track to make progress every day.

I was all over my place just trying to make improvements and Phedra really helped align a path to my end goal. This coaching was well worth the time and effort we both put into it. Thank you Phedra!”

Nick Legrady

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