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“Phedra was wonderful and a great help, she opened my eyes to professional opportunities that I can now consider. She was very helpful and responsive to each of my messages, caring and listening. I thank her a thousand times for the help she has given.”

Milena Knittl

Having well-defined goals, it was really important for me to get personalized follow-up to help me orient myself for achieving my goals. Phedra helped me focus on the essentials while giving me tips and insight. Her advice was priceless to me. 
Thank you again for all the work you have done because thanks to you I am on the right track.”

Christophe Vanguchte

“Phedra’s coaching was instrumental in getting me out of my general chaos. I found a great serenity that allowed me to clarify my goals and set up organizational methods that I did not know and that make me effective. She adapts her method and I am very satisfied.”

Karine Riche

“Phedra helped me immensely in establishing a productive, energizing morning routine. She provided a lot of useful tips, kept me accountable and inspired me to continue every day. Phedra is willing to adapt to what you need and encourage you with empathy and positivity.”

Glen Winters

My goal was to stop eating sugar after 1 month, and it was a success ! Phedra helped me a lot with her nice tips, her motivation and her good mood. It was a soft, respectful and progressive process. I thank her a lot and I wish you to work with this successful coach.

Nil Aktar

“My goal was to resume a daily physical activity of one hour, after defining a training together, Phedra knew to orient me and give me daily advice but also to listen to me and find a program adapted to my needs and expectations. I greatly appreciated his optimism and encouragement. Phedra allowed me to regain and trust in myself and achieve my goal, I would not get there without it.”

Anne Lespagnol