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What happens if we change overnight?


20th March 2018


From now on, I’ll take actions to become the person I really want to become because I’m tired of finding “excuses” and endlessly postpone my evolution. The idea is to use this blog to get publicly committed.


Here is the list of the challenges I’ll take with myself on a daily basis:


  • Waking up at 5 am (1 point)
  • Meditation 10-15 minutes (0,5 point)
  • Stretching 10-15 minutes (0,5 point)
  • Affirmations 5 minutes (0,5 point)
  • Visualization 5 minutes (0,5 point)
  • Journaling 15-30 minutes (0,5 point)
  • Cold Shower (0,5 point)
  • Working on my blog 1 hour (1 point)
  • Walk and/or exercise for 1 hour (1 point)
  • Reading 20 pages (0,5 point)
  • Tracking what I’m eating (0,5 point)
  • Eating 1 fruit (0,5 point)
  • Eating less bread (0,5 point)
  • 1 coffee (0,5 point)
  • Learning (online course) 30 minutes (1 point)
  • Dental Floss (0,5 point)


I’m going to total the points every day to have a final score out of 10.


I’ll explain why I couldn’t achieve a goal or another, I’ll share also my small victories if I achieve my goals and I’ll explain how I feel during the whole process.


18th April 2018


Almost one month later, things have changed and they are taking a new direction. From today, I challenge myself only on the Miracle Morning (by Hal Elrod) which is on is own 7 challenges. I will wake up at 5 AM, and make the SAVERS for 30 days in a row. If I lose one day I’ll start from day one again.

S ilence (meditation)

A ffirmations

V isualiazation

E xercise

R eading

S cribing (Writing in my journal and plan the day)


To be continued…